How Apple TV+ Posters Got Made on an iPad Pro

Two new videos arrived Wednesday, showing how posters for Apple TV+ shows were made using an iPad Pro. The featured shows were Dickinson and For All Mankind. Not surprisingly, the Apple Pencil featured a lot too.

Dickinson Poster on an iPad Pro

In the Dickinson clip, painter Janice Sung talks about how she created the poster art for Dickinson. It is a wholly digital process. Ms. Sung also explains how she transitioned from traditional painting to digital. She says she didn’t want to work for a big company. This is slightly odd as Apple is one of the biggest in the world. Perhaps it gave her the creative freedom she craves!

For All Mankind Poster

In this clip, illustrators Paige and Justine outlined how they turned sketches in a book into a stunning poster using the iPad Pro. Unlike Ms. Sung, their process began on paper before moving to a digital platform. It is pretty stunning how the work comes to life on the tablet.

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