Apple Shares Story of Jaz Limos and Saints of Steel

Apple shared the story of Jaz Limos, a manager at the Apple Park Visitor Center and her work with Saints of Steel.

Jaz Limos

Ms. Limos founded Saints of Steel, a non-profit that gives free haircuts to homeless and underprivileged kids. It started in 2016 when she shared food with a homeless man only to discover he was her father who she hadn’t seen since her teenage years. She was inspired to form a pop-up barber shop to give back to her community.

When I recognized that there’s so many different piecemeal options for someone to get help, that the entry point has to be just right where you can build rapport … a barber was a very organic way to open up and just feel better.

Child at saints of steel Jaz limos

When Saints of Steel first started it was funded almost solely by volunteers and donations from Apple. 80% of donations from the first year was from Benevity, a corporate giving platform. 74% of that was from Apple.

Today, Saints of Steel has volunteers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and New York, with 11 more cities wanting to join.

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