HQ Trivia is Back and Broadcast a Live Show

New screen inHQ TrIvia showing game will air

The saga of HQ Trivia is not over yet. The live quiz app, which for a short time took the world by storm, is back in the App Store and broadcast a show on Sunday night.

New screen inHQ TrIvia showing game will air

The Saga of HQ Trivia

For those who haven’t followed every twist – HQ Trivia ran live game shows in which players could win money. In 2018, CEO and co-founder Colin Kroll tragically passed away of a drug overdose. His successor, fellow co-founder Rus Yusupov, battled falling ratings and a staff mutiny before things finally collapsed in February this year following the breakdown of a potential rescue deal.

However, Just days after that Mr. Rusupov vowed to find a new investor, and it looks like he’s been successful. At the time of this writing, the HQ Trivia app is back in the App Store. Furthermore it ran a live show hosted by one of its former lead presenters on Sunday evening (via Axios). At the time of this writing it was not known if all the staff had returned nor who was funding the revival.

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