iFixit Partners With Library Futures to Donate 100 Toolkits to Libraries

ifixit library futures

iFixit is partnering with Library Futures, a nonprofit library advocacy group. The company will donate 100 toolkits to libraries to expand peoples’ access to repair their devices.

iFixit and Library Futures

iFixit also says that the two are teaming up to change Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This rule prohibits circumvention of technological protection measures on anything with software. That prohibition applies to phones, tractors, ereaders, and more products.

Library Futures is also fighting the proliferation of library licensing for digital content, which exploits the public and makes digital ownership impossible. Libraries pay an average of $40 for every 26 checkouts of a book, compared to an average of under $8 for a fiction hard copy that could last decades.

Both entities seek greater library access to eBooks, which can cost a lot of money due to copyright and publisher rules.

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