iPad Pro ‘A New Way to’ Adverts Demonstrate the Device’s Capabilities

A New Way to iPad Pro

Apple released a new set of adverts Friday demonstrated some of the iPad Pro’s different capabilities. They covered using the device for presentations, note taking, interior design, going paperless, and hosting a podcast.

A New Way to iPad Pro

The clips all last around a minute. They give a quick overview of what iPad Pro users can do with the device. There is a strong emphasis on how the Apple Pencil works with it too.

Showing-off Flexbility and Power

The clips are obviously not hugely informative. They show-off the iPad Pro’s flexibility and power more than they show you how to really do anything. (If you want some really good, in-depth, tips and app recommendations you should check out posts from TMO‘s Andrew Orr.)


However, seeing some of the things the iPad Pro can do in a few short clips brought home how impressive the device is. Everything from simple presentations and note-taking to producing podcasts and interior design is possible. Of course, the adverts were filmed with an iPad Pro too. It all underlined for me how it could be a laptop replacement for lots of people.

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