iPhone 7, Pokémon GO Top 2016 Google Searches

Top Google searches in 2016 were Pokémon GO and iPhone 7

It looks like the things people wanted to know about the most in 2016 were Pokémon GO and the iPhone 7. The two topped Google’s this year’s searches, beating out Donald Trump and Prince.

Top Google searches in 2016 were Pokémon GO and iPhone 7
Pokémon GO and iPhone 7 topped Google searches in 2016

Considering the interest in Pokémon GO earlier this year it’s no surprise the game was such a big deal in Google searches. Donald Trump came in third behind the iPhone 7 no doubt because of the circus that was the presidential election. Prince’s untimely death earned him the number four spot in Google’s searches, followed by Powerball.

Apple was easily the most popular for consumer tech-related searches with the iPhone 7 coming in at the top, and the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s coming in third and fourth. The Freedom 251—a popular smartphone in India—came in at number two, and the Google Pixel rounded out the top five.

Olympics-related search terms were popular this year thanks to the summer games in Rio. Netflix and HBO dominated TV show-related searches thanks to Stranger Things, Westworld, Luke Cage, Game of Thrones, and Black Mirror.

Seeing the iPhone 7 so high in this year’s Google searches isn’t too surprising since Apple’s smartphones always tend to rank well. What’s really interesting is that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 didn’t rank in the top five for all searches or consumer tech. Maybe if the Note 7 started exploding earlier it would’ve fared better.

You can check out all of the top searches for 2016 at the Google Trends website.

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