New Leak Says iPhone 8 Getting a Mirror Finish

Latest iPhone 8 leaks back up full screen design without a physical Home button

When the iPhone 8 ships this fall it’ll come in four colors, one of which will be a new “mirror like” finish. So says Benjamin Geskin who has made a name for himself posting iPhone mockups on Twitter.

Geskin says a source gave him the information, but didn’t elaborate. He also posted a photo of an iPhone 6 case to illustrate the new finish instead of an iPhone 8 mockup.

The iPhone 8 is expected to ship this fall with an OLED display that runs nearly edge-to-edge, ditches the Home button to make room for the extra screen space, includes a 3D-sensing front-facing camera, supports wireless charging, and more. Assuming Geskin is right, the new model will be available in four colors, one of which is “mirror like.”

While it’s possible Apple plans to release an iPhone with a finish that shows scratches even better than Jet Black, that doesn’t sound like the best way to show off what’s presumably the 2017 flagship model. Also, Steve Hemmerstoffer who has a solid reputation for accurate product leaks, hasn’t posted anything about mirrored iPhone finishes.

That said, gold and rose gold sounded like garishly awful colors for an iPhone when they were announced yet turned out to be popular. Maybe mirrored iPhones will be a thing, too.

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