iPhone Enjoys About Double the Popularity of the Mac Among Apple Users, reveals Study

iPhone Enjoys about Double the Popularity of the Mac among Apple users, reveals study

Undoubtedly, Apple products are as popular as anything across oceans, but the company’s largest market share is the U.S.

A new report from CIRP reveals how deeply Apple customers, especially those in the United States, are invested in the Apple ecosystem, meaning any user owns at least two Apple devices for interconnectivity.

According to the report, over 90 percent of Apple customers own an iPhone, about 75 percent own an iPad, about 66 percent own an Apple Watch, and more than half, around 54 percent own a Mac computer. It clearly hints that Apple customers are in the ecosystem, owning more than one Apple device—which the ecosystem builds upon.

Next up, the report focuses on a question from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who once asked, “What new product should Apple bank its future on?” because the data clearly shows the dependency on other Apple devices.

At present, the future of the next Apple product remains uncertain. No matter how good Apple Vision Pro is, it doesn’t come off as an ideal replacement for the iPhone or Mac due to several factors, including its premium price tag of $3500.

Moreover, the most popular device currently is the iPhone but the company wasn’t always about making iPhones. Apple once initiated its Electric Vehicle Car project because its CEO, Steve Jobs, felt the company should bring more products to make people’s lives easier. However, that project would never see the light of the day after nearly a decade-long work.

Could that be AI? Could that be another AR/VR device? Wherever Apple is headed, we might see it soon. Apple’s history has been quite adventurous, as it first began shipping personal computers, then shifted to the iPod, the inspiration behind the iPhone and iPad. And while services such as Apple TV and Apple Music could be minting money, Apple might still want to be remembered as a hardware company, for what it has long been known for.


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