Jamf Announces Same-Day Support for macOS Monterey

macOS monterey on MacBook Pro

Jamf, a company that provides device management solutions for businesses, announced its support for macOS Monterey, the Mac’s newest system upgrade.

Jamf With macOS Monterey

Jamf provides businesses with the following features with macOS Monterey:

  • Protect Users’ Privacy on Mac with Apple and Jamf. Apple’s introduction of iCloud Private Relay follows the launch of Jamf Private Access, Jamf’s solution to enable secure access to business applications without the performance, privacy and security challenges of legacy enterprise VPN connections. With iCloud Private Relay and Jamf, users are protected in their private and enterprise browsing. iCloud Private Relay and Jamf Private Access work together to ensure employees are enterprise secure, their privacy is protected and when running both Jamf Private Access and iCloud Private Relay together, it is the most optimal approach to privacy and security without compromising performance.
  • Remotely Secure and Lock Mac to Protect Company Information. macOS Monterey supports a better way to secure the most sensitive parts of Mac with macOS Recovery Lock. An admin or organization can prevent users from getting to macOS Recovery without a password by using a PreStage enrollment to set Recovery Lock on computers during enrollment.
  • Access Enhanced Controls and Management for Mac Software Updates. Apple extended capabilities for IT to manage software updates for M1 Mac. Now IT can specify separate deferral lengths for any updates that are delivered and installed through the macOS software update mechanism. This feature allows a major release such as macOS 12 to be deferred up to 90 days, while other important security updates and minor versions can still be available for users to install.
  • Utilize Enhanced Capabilities to Erase All Content and Settings on Mac. macOS Monterey allows IT to Erase All Content and Settings on a Mac, a feature that is already available for iOS and iPadOS and is supported by Jamf. IT can erase all data and user-installed apps while maintaining the current installed operating system for all company-issued Apple devices.

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