Jony Ive Explains The Rainbow at Apple Park

Apple Park building.

A video from the new Apple Park posted Wednesday revealed a large rainbow-coloured stage at the heart of the site. I speculated that this could be used for future events and gigs. It turns out, it is going to be used at the employee event launching the new headquarters. The stage will also serve as a tribute to Steve Jobs, who dreamt up Apple Park.

Creating ‘the Apple Stage’ in Apple Park

The latest Apple Park feature was designed by Jonny Ive’s team. Each of the 30 blocks it is made up of were uniquely machined (via Cult of Mac). The Apple design guru told AppleWeb that his team’s “goal was to create a stage that would become immediately recognizable as the Apple Stage. The idea for the rainbow was one of those rare occasions where the earliest thoughts worked on a number of different fronts.” He added that he designed “the feature be appreciated in the round — not just the front.”

Mr. Ive confirmed that his team collaborated with architects Foster and Partners and designers Gainsbury and Whiting on the project. “The rainbow’s presence and optimism is keenly felt in many places and at the end of the day — it’s hard to find somebody that doesn’t love a rainbow,” he said. Apple Park will open on May 17.

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