LastPass is Making its Password Manager App More Accessible

Lastpass accessibility

For today’s tenth anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, LastPass is working to make its app more accessible for people with disabilities.

LastPass Accessibility Features

LastPass has enabled keyboard navigation, updated its color contrasts and readability, Ana’s added screen regions and language tags to allow users to navigate with screen readers and keyboards more easily.

  • Keyboard Operation: While this benefits all users who prefer to navigate the web with their keyboard, it also removes access barriers for those who are unable to use a mouse and/or utilize screen readers.
  • Screen Reader Navigation: Users can more easily and quickly navigate to different sections of the application when using screen readers and keyboards.
  • Color: Proper contrast in colors has been applied according to accessibility standards. In this way, those with visual impairments will be able to more easily differentiate text and interactive elements.
  • Font: Updated font and spacing has been implemented to ensure readability for users with visual impairments.
  • Language: Language tags have been updated to ensure that screen readers can operate within the selected language for users with visual impairments.

App Store Link: LastPass Password Manager

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