Geek Challenges, Quick Tips, and Your Network Questions Answered — Mac Geek Gab 827

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

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John and Dave take a few deeper dives today to solve your peskier problems… Geek Challenges, we like to call them (though sometimes we call them “Stump the Geeks!”). Listen as your two favorite nerds talk through creatively increasing your broadband speeds, diagnosing those CPU spikes, managing battery life, Wi-Fi issues, and more. Of course, your favorite Quick Tips are here, and maybe even a few more surprises. Press play and watch while you learn five new things!

macOS Catalina: How to Make the Cursor Bigger

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Apple’s operating systems have a lot of accessibility settings, and one of them is a way to make the cursor bigger on macOS.

Using macOS Catalina Hands Free to Design a Logo

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple Accessibility Icon

It’s a short video, but developer Camera Cundiff tweeted a video in which he used macOS Catalina Hands Free to design a simple logo.

video: time-lapse screencast, dictating commands to XD via macOS voice control, demonstrating the use of Number and Grid targeting to create overlapping shapes and type.

Hands Free is such a powerful feature, and combined with Siri makes the Mac feel like a Star Trek computer.

Chuck Joiner Chats with Kelly Guimont at WWDC

· Kelly Guimont · Cool Stuff Found

During the week of WWDC and AltConf, I ended up getting to spend some time with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices. We talked about the announcements of the week, the upgrade path of previous Macs, and how accessibility and security are increasingly spotlighted by Apple. We had a great time talking, and hopefully it shows in the video below. Enjoy!

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s Global Accessibility Chief Talks Tech

· Andrew Orr · Link

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s Global Accessibility chief, talks about new accessibility features in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.

Accessibility, as it always does, plays a significant role in not only the conference itself — the sessions, labs and get-togethers all are mainstays of the week — but also in the software Apple shows off. Of particular interest this year is Apple’s Voice Control feature, available for macOS Catalina and iOS 13 devices, which allows users to control their Macs and iPhones using only the sound of their voices.

The new features, such as Voice Control, are amazing.

iOS Mouse Support Could Come This Year

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple magic mouse

Federico Vittici and Steve Troughton-Smith are saying that iOS mouse support could be coming this year as an accessibility feature of iOS 13. Mr. Vittici mentioned it on the Connected podcast, while Mr. Smith confirmed the rumor via Twitter.

I personally don’t see the need for a mouse on a touch-oriented device. But I’m glad it will be optional, instead of a required component of iOS. Edit: 20190425: I take that back.  I didn’t think of the scenario where many people can hook up an external monitor to their iPad. In that case, mouse support is perfect.

These Hearing Aids can be Calibrated With Your iPhone

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

LifeEar hearing aids can be calibrated with your iPhone. The LifeEar app connects LifeEar CORE hearing aids and your mobile device. Use your smartphone or tablet to control settings and personalize hearing aids for your specific needs. Life sounds better when you’re in control. Use the LifeEar app to create a personal profile for each ear to calibrate programs, adjust the volume of your LifeEar hearing aids, select your hearing aid programs to suit your environment, view hearing aid battery levels, and update your profile as your hearing needs change over time. Ears are like people, no two are exactly the same. That’s why the LifeEar app allows you to customize the CORE for your unique ears. Based on your response to a series of tones, it creates your profile and then calculates your personalized settings. App Store: LifeEar – Free

These Hearing Aids can be Calibrated With Your iPhone

How iOS Helps a Blind Veteran Return to the Water

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Here is a feel-good story for a Friday. Apple has made public the story of Scott Leason—a US Navy veteran and keen surfer…who happens to be blind. The story details how by using an iPhone XR, and the VoiceOver application in particular, as well as an Apple Watch, Mr Leason is able to undertake a number of tasks and partake in his beloved water sports. He said,“When I’m at the end of a line behind a boat just like anybody else, I forget I’m blind. And then when I come into the beach and there’s people around [his dog] Snickers and I go yeah that’s my seeing eye dog and I got a board in my hand and they go, ‘you’re blind?’ That’s a cool feeling.” It might be easy for some to be cynical about Apple promoting this, but for most of us, it is equally easy to forget how crucial technology and the accessibility tools modern devices have are to people with a variety of disabilities. Surfs up, Mr Leason!

How iOS Helps a Blind Veteran Return to the Water

How to Turn Off 3D Touch (And Why You Might Want To)

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

3D Touch folder notifications

For today’s Quick Tip, we’re covering something that’s relevant for folks with dexterity problems—how to turn off 3D Touch. It’s also relevant if, you know, you just don’t like your screen having different levels of press available!

iOS 11: How to Use Smart Invert

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

iOS 11

The iPhone and iPad’s accessibility features offer a sort of “dark mode” that’ll invert the colors on your screen without messing with images and other media. It’s awesome for those who have trouble viewing iOS devices using the default color scheme, but it’s also handy to make your screen less bright in the dark!

How to Make Your iPhone Default to Speaker for Calls

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

iPhone X

If you use the speaker on your iPhone during calls more often than not, then set that as the default! We’ll tell you how to change this setting so you won’t have to tap the darned button every time.