'Dashlane' Password Manager Updates With New Menu, Quick Actions

Dashlane has updated its iOS app to help users save time. The way the Dashlane iOS app was structured, items in your vault, like passwords, personal and payment info, Secure Notes, and IDs, all required two taps to get to. Now, those key items are just a tap away thanks to the new horizontal menu sitting at the top of the main screen.  Dashlane has added something they call “quick actions” to items. By tapping the three dots on the right hand side of each item listed in the user’s vault, it will bring up a mini-menu that will allow users to copy different parts of their credentials or personal data, share or delete the item, or open the corresponding website. Dashlane has moved the notifications to the bottom menu of the app, right next to the home button. Now, users can’t miss security alerts, sharing invites, or product updates.

'NordPass' Update Brings Improved Autofill for Passwords

The latest NordPass update introduces improvements to one of its key features — autofill. Its form-detecting algorithm recently became more efficient. Before the update, developers had to manually improve the form-detecting algorithm. Now, it is based on machine learning technology.

The part of the autofill algorithm responsible for detecting the type of form now operates with vastly improved performance compared to its previous static iteration. The algorithm is now trained using artificial neural networks to be as accurate as possible. According to NordPass developers, the current accuracy of the algorithm is 99.6%.