Laurene Powell Jobs Talks Philanthropy, Dreamers, and Steve

Laurene Powell Jobs speaking

Laurene Powell Jobs gave a revealing interview to The New York Times, published on Friday. The normally private widow of Steve Jobs discussed a number of issues, including her late, husband.

Laurene Powell Jobs speaking

Laurene Powell Jobs Explains What Putting a Dent in The Universe Really Means

In the fascinating discussion, Ms. Powell Jobs discussed her life with Steve. “I can talk about him for hours,” she said, not least because “I grew up with him.”

One profound learning I took from him was that we don’t have to accept the world that we’re born into as something that is fixed and impermeable. When you zoom in, it’s just atoms just like us. And they move all the time. And through energy and force of will and intention and focus, we can actually change it. Move it.

Ms. Powell Jobs also thought that the Apple co-founder’s much-quoted “put a dent in the universe” mantra had been misinterpreted. She explained:

He was thinking of it as “We are able, each of us, to manipulate the circumstances.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ms. Powell Jobs discussed the work she does with her Emerson Collective, as well as her nearly two-decade push to reform Dreamers. She said that “obstacles that are thrown in the way of impoverished communities, like lack of access to financial services and health services. All of that has to be addressed in a holistic way, and that’s why we started building a matrix organization.”

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