Laurene Powell Jobs Joins Earth Alliance Group

Launching today, Earth Alliance is an organization to help address threats to the earth like climate change. Laurene Powell Jobs joins Leonardo DiCaprio and Brian Sheth.

Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance combines the communications of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) with the capabilities of the Emerson Collective and Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC). LDF’s staff and operations will merge into Earth Alliance. Speaking about the new initiative, Ms. Powell Jobs said:

All we know and love is threatened by the climate crisis, and each of us must ask ourselves and one another what more we can do to protect the planet we share. Earth Alliance is part of our answer. I am proud to join with Leo and Brian to make a habitable earth possible for future generations. Leo is one of the most uniquely gifted communicators of our time, and with Earth Alliance, we will harness those gifts to inspire people, regardless of age, race, or geography, to stand up as leaders for our natural world and safeguard our imperiled planet.

GWC will act as the sponsor for Earth Alliance to oversee its finances and administration. The three founders will seek to partner with other nonprofits, communities, funds, and government agencies to advance its agenda.

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