LG Display to Showcase Transparent OLED at CES 2021

LG Display Transparent OLED

LG Display is set to show off Transparent OLED at CES 2021. It will demonstrate how the technology can be used as part of a smart bed, in the subway system, and even as part of a sushi restaurant.

Transparent OLED At CES 2021 from LG Display

The company’s Transparent OLED realizes 40 percent transparency while the existing transparent LCD has only 10 percent transparency. It said this provides a clear image quality from a crystal clear display that can be used in various fields. This includes smart homes, smart buildings, and mobility. LG Display said it sees increasing demand for displays using the technology from a range of industries. It is the only Transparent OLED manufacturer in the world. Jong-sun Park, Senior Vice President & Head of the Commercial Business Unit at LG Display, commented:

Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in our daily lives, from stores, shopping malls, and architectural interiors to autonomous vehicles, subway trains, and aircraft. It will grow into a next-generation display that can change the existing display paradigm.

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