Apple Dropped ‘Life on iPad’ and Other iPad Videos

Apple recently uploaded six new videos to YouTube focusing on the new iPad Pros, with one called ‘Life on iPad.’

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Life on iPad

A detail I thought was interesting in the Life on iPad video: The man is on an airplane using his iPad Pro in laptop mode with a keyboard. When the announcer says it’s time to put away their computers, everyone shuts their laptop lid.

Except this guy folds the keyboard back and keeps using it in tablet mode. Is the iPad a computer or not Apple?? If it is, he should’ve put it away! Humor aside, you can watch the videos below.–0m_6v0M

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using my iPad Pro as my main computer, thanks to the Slim Folio Pro keyboard. In the next day or two I’ll publish my review of it.

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