Long-Time Indie Developer Wil Shipley Joins Apple

Apple matrix code

OG indie developer Wil Shipley has joined Apple, he announced on Twitter on Monday. He has joined as a Senior iOS Home Application Engineer.

Delicious Monster Creator Wil Shipley Joins Apple

Mr. Shipley has worked on a variety of projects during his career. He co-founded The Omni Group in 1991. His work there received a record-breaking five Apple Design Awards.  Later, he co-founded the firm Delicious Monster, which launched the popular Delicious Library app. It allows users to catalog thousands of assets digitally. He also created the Textlicious extension.

Mr. Shipley described his move as “very, very exciting” in a blog post. He said that joining Apple meant that he no longer add new features to Delicious Library. He also joked that he hoped he is “not too crusty and old to keep up with the kids.”

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