Backblaze Announces Disaster Recovery Solution for Backups

backblaze instant recovery

Backblaze has announced “Backblaze Instant Recovery in Any Cloud” on Tuesday. It’s aimed at ransomware attacks so affected companies can recover faster.

Backblaze Instant Recovery in Any Cloud

By spinning up servers in a VMware/Hyper-V based cloud, the new solution provides businesses an easy and massively flexible path to as-soon-as-possible disaster recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

Teams can use an industry-standard automation tool to run a single command to quickly bring up an orchestrated combination of on-demand servers, firewalls, networking, storage, and other infrastructure in phoenixNAP, drawing data for your VMware/Hyper-V based environment over immediately from Veeam Backup & Replication backups.

Andreas Neufert, Vice President of Product Management, Alliances at Veeam:

For more than 400,000 Veeam customers, flexibility around disaster recovery options is essential. They need to know not only that their backups are safe, but that they’re practically usable in their time of need. We’re very happy to see Backblaze offering instant restore for all backups to VMware and Hyper-V based cloud offerings to help our joint customers thrive during challenging times.

The code package is built in Ansible, an open-source tool which enables IaC. Running an Ansible playbook allows you to provision and configure infrastructure and deploy applications as needed. All components are pre-configured within the script.

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