Tech21 Unveils Line of Hygienic iPhone 13 Cases

tech21 EVO TACTILE case

On Tuesday Tech21 announced the availability of its iPhone 13 case lineup. They feature multi-drop level protection, a built-in hygienic formula, MagSafe compatibility and stylish new colors.

Tech21 iPhone 13 Cases


The Evo Max offers the highest level of multi-drop protection (up to 20ft), so is ready for any adventure. The Evo Max, literally takes iPhone 13 protection to the max. Made for the outdoors and available in black or Khaki. US$47


Add a touch of luxury to your new iPhone with the brand-new Evo Luxe case made from premium materials. Finished in either a black or dusty pink finish, the Evo Luxe is super stylish as well as containing built-in microbe-killing protection. The Evo Luxe also had magnets incorporated into its design so works with MagSafe and accessories. US$47


For those who prefer to go bare, the Evo Clear is a completely clear case with the same built-in hygienic formula as the Evo Check, reducing microbes by 99.99%. The Evo Clear also has built-in UV-resistant materials ensuring the case doesn’t go yellow or discolour in the sunlight. Perfect for those beach vibes. Oh, and now it works with MagSafe and accessories. US$47


This exclusive design by Tech 21 artists adds an extra shimmer to the iPhone 13. The holographic case comes complete with multi-drop protection, advanced antimicrobial technology and is compatible with MagSafe accessories. US$35


The Evo Tactile offers seamless connectivity and all-round protection for your most essential tech. The rear grip finger pattern provides a more secure grip while the wireless charger-friendly design and easy-to-press buttons add something extra. There’s also enhanced camera protection and a built-in microbe-reducing formula. US$47

In addition to the new cases Tech21 is releasing revamped versions of their classic cases: Evo Check, Evo Wallet, Evo Tint, Evo Clear, Evo Sparkle, Evo Lite, Eco Slim, Eco Art and Recovrd.

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