Loop Disease: Apple Hit With Another Lawsuit

Users filed another class action complaint regarding the so-called iPhone Loop Disease issue Monday. It is the second complaint regarding the audio chip issue that affects some iPhone 7s (via AppleInsider).

Loop Disease Infects California

The latest plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Apple concealed “a material defect that ultimately causes iPhone audio features to become unresponsive and fail of their essential purpose as smartphones,” according to the lawsuit. The plaintiffs sought class status, damages, attorneys’ fees, and injunctive relief.

Monday’s lawsuit is very similar to one filed in Illinois last week. The same three law firms are representing plaintiffs in both cases. They are Greg Coleman Law, Tycko & Zavareei, and Barbat, Mansour & Suciu.

The so-called Loop Disease issue affects some iPhone 7s after heavy use. It caused users to be unable to hear people calling them, or “greyed out” speaker buttons during calls. Apple told the plaintiffs to pay if they wanted their iPhone repaired. Plaintiffs said Apple did not inform them that their device might be suffering from a wider issue.

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