Apple’s MagSafe To Be Incorporated Into Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard

MagSafe To Be Incorporated Into Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard

Apple is clearly doing something right with the MagSafe wireless charging technology. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has revealed that the next generation of Qi charging technology will incorporate the Cupertino-based tech giant’s MagSafe magnetic charging functionality. Dubbed Qi2, the WPC developed the new wireless charging standard on MagSafe technology. It features a Magnetic Power Profile, allowing for improved energy efficiency and faster charging.

Adding a Magnetic Power Profile to Qi Charging Standard

According to the WPC, the Magnetic Power Profile ensures perfect alignment of devices with chargers for optimal charging performance. This technology will also pave the way for significant future increases in wireless charging speeds. Even better, it offers support for accessories that cannot be charged using current flat surface-to-flat surface chargers.

Qi2 should debut later this year, replacing the current Qi standard.

Rolling Apple MagSafe Wireless Charging Into Qi2

Apple has long been a member of WPC, but its own MagSafe wireless charging technology was always proprietary. Many felt Apple should license MagSafe to others for free, especially in the face of mounting pressure to change iPhone charging to USB-C.

By incorporating MagSafe into Qi2, the standard can offer better reliability. The WPC explained one benefit in Its announcement of the upcoming standard.

Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile will ensure that phones or other rechargeable battery-powered mobile products are perfectly aligned with charging devices, thus providing improved energy efficiency and faster charging.

The announcement of Qi2 has been met with enthusiasm from both industry experts and consumers. Many are looking forward to the improved charging speeds and expanded accessory options that the new standard will bring.

Projected Availability of Qi2 Charging Accessories

The Wireless Power Consortium is currently demonstrating at CES 2023. Representatives there say Qi2 certified mobile phones and chargers should arrive in time for the 2023 holiday shopping season.

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