Mark Zuckerberg Wants to ‘Inflict Pain’ on Apple After Tim Cook Comments

Tensions between Facebook and Apple seem to be deteriorating further. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the social media giant, apparently has taken moves by Apple and comments by CEO Tim Cook personally and is out for some kind of revenge.

Mark Zuckerberg Takes Tim Cook’s Facebook Criticism Personally

In 2018, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal raging,  MSNBC asked Mr. Cook what he would if he were in Mr. Zuckerbger’s position. “I wouldn’t be in this situation,” he replied. This apparently still rankles with Mr. Zuckerberg, who considers the comments “extremely glib” and “not at all aligned with the truth,” according to The Wall Street Journal. He supposedly told colleagues that “we need to inflict pain” on Apple, and has repeated this stance since.

New privacy moves in iOS 14 escalated things further. Again, Facebook and its boss believe Apple is interfering, with spokeswoman Dani Lever claiming the firm is fighting for “the future of the free Internet.” She added that “Apple claims this is about privacy, but it’s about profit, and we’re joining others to point out their self-preferencing anti-competitive nature.”

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