Mazda Extends Carplay Integration

Mazda has announced that it is extending CarPlay availability in its vehicles. The facility will be available as a dealer-installed upgrade in models from 2014 and later if they are equipped with the MAZDA CONNECT system. The upgrade has a suggested price of $199 plus labor costs.

CarPlay pre-installed

Starting this month, versions of the 2018 Mazda6 have come with CarPlay preinstalled. Drivers with 2018 models from before November can have the upgrade carried out and the fee waived.  The upgrade includes both hardware and software elements – upgraded vehicles will be equipped with a 2.1-amp USB port.

Apple’s CarPlay is also already available in this year’s CX-9 and MCX-5 models. Mazda says the technology will allow drivers to perform actions using the multi-function commander knob, shortcut buttons or voice command.

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