Microsoft Teams Now Supports Walkie Talkie Feature for iPhone, iPad

microsoft teams for iPhone

Microsoft released a report on Wednesday about how technology can help frontline workers. One update includes Microsoft Teams support for Walkie Talkie on iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

The report talks about the two billion frontline workers around the world. These represent 80% of the global workforce and they have faced risks, exhaustion, and disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft is exploring how it can help these workers. There are three areas that the company aims its focus on:

  1. Equip workers with technology to reduce stress and system friction.
  2. Prioritize and modernize training.
  3. Build company culture that includes the frontline.

Here are a few examples for each category.

Equip workers with technology to reduce stress and system friction

  • Walkie Talkie is now also available on all iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, in addition to Android mobile devices.
  • Today brings the general availability of the Reflexis Shifts connector for Teams which integrates with the Reflexis Workforce Scheduler (RWS) to create a seamless, real-time sync for viewing, assigning, and managing shift requests.
  • Now workers can have a comprehensive view of virtual appointments in one location, including real-time updates on wait times, queueing, missed appointments, and staffing delays to create a first-class experience for customers and patients.

Prioritize and modernize training

  • The LMS assignment feature enables corporate employees to assign training and learnings from partner solutions like SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Saba Cloud to enable workers to easily access these assigned learnings on any device through Teams.
  • New partnerships with learning providers, like EdCast and OpenSesame, will join existing partners like Go1 and Coursera to offer a depth and breadth of frontline learning content.

Build company culture that includes the frontline

  • Now with new Viva Connections strategic partners Workday and Espressive, workers can easily access important company resources and actions in one location.
  • Espressive will be available in February and Workday card within the calendar year 2022 in Viva Connections

Microsoft Teams for iOS can be downloaded here.

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