Microsoft Warns Office 365 Users of New Phishing Campaign

Microsoft office 365

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence team issued a warning on Twitter to be on the lookout for an active phishing campaign targeting Office 365 users.

Phishing Email Users

Phishing is when an attacker emails or texts people pretending to be a legitimate company to trick them into giving up their personal information. A common phishing attack is an email that looks like it came from your bank. When you click on the log in button via the email, it takes you to a website posing as the bank’s website, and it steals your username and password when you log in.

Microsoft says that in this campaign use a SharePoint file share request for documents like “Staff Reports,” “Bonuses,” “Pricebooks,” and more. These contain a URL to a malicious web page that asks people to sign in with their Office 365 credentials. The team says that Microsoft Defender for Office 365 detects and blocks these emails.

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