The MOFT MagSafe Wallet Doubles as an iPhone 12 Stand

MOFT magsafe wallet with stand

The MOFT MagSafe wallet is the latest such accessory to enter the scene. Its differing feature from Apple’s wallet is a built-in iPhone 12 stand.

MagSafe Wallet Stand

Made of vegan leather, it snaps onto your iPhone 12, folds into a stand, and can carry up to three cards. Three angles include portrait, landscape, and floating so you can view your iPhone in different ways. Impressively, it’s 5mm which is 10mm thinner than Apple’s MagSafe wallet.

It contains its own magnets so it’s compatible with MagSafe cases, and you can use it to stick your iPhone to various surfaces with the optional magnetic sticky pads. The MOFT wallet is available in Night Black, Sienna Brown, Oxford Blue, and Ash Grey. You can find it on MOFT’s website for US$29.99.

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