How to Use The Reading List Feature in Safari

Safari 14 in macOS 11 Big Sur has the Reading List feature. This allows you to save articles you may want to return to at a later point, without needing to keep them as a bookmark.

Reading List in Safari 14 And MacOS 11 Bug Sur

When on a webpage you want to save for later in Safari click on Bookmarks > Add to Reading List. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift + CMD + D. The article is now saved to your reading list. To access your reading list, got Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks > click on the tab with a glasses logo. You can also get here by click on the Sidebar logo.

One you’re finished with an article in your Reading List you can mark it as read by opening up the list > two-finger swiping right on the title of the article and clicking > mark as read. If you swipe left, the options are Save Offline, making the article available to read when not connected to the internet, and Remove, which deletes it from your reading list. All those options are also available by right-clicking on an article in the list.

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