Netflix’s ‘The OA’ Taps the Weird of ‘Stranger Things’ in Lost Memory Mystery

Screenshot from The OA

Netflix blew up the Internet with a series of tweets saying, “Have you seen death?” “Have you seen darkness?” and “Have you seen the light?” It was followed by a clip of a woman jumping off the bridge, and not much else aside from everyone and their brother reacting.

Click through on the tweet to enjoy all the hubbub.

The OA

The show is called The OA, and it’s another Netflix original. It appears to center around a young woman named Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling. She’s lost her memories, and according to Time, the mystery borrows from science fiction and horror. Many are comparing it the weird factor to Stranger Things, which has been a huge hit for Netflix.

Here’s the full trailer, which some may find disturbing. The show debuts on Netflix on December 16th, with eight hour-long episodes in the first sentence.

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