New Powerbeats Pro Ad Surfaces, Looks Official (Update)

Last month, there was a rumor of new wireless headphones by Apple called Powerbeats Pro. Now it sounds like they are official, due to someone spotting an ad for them in Los Angeles (via 9to5Mac).

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Powerbeats Pro

There is a big ad in L.A. at the corner of Sunset and Vine, showing a photo of the Powerbeats Pro we previously saw, with the text “Totally Wireless.” In the distance, part of a billboard for the headphones can be seen, which reportedly says “Coming Soon.”

Powerbeats Pro ad. Credit: 9to5Mac

Powerbeats Pro will be truly wireless, without the connecting wire that Powerbeats 3 have. It’s likely to include Apple’s new H1 chip that appeared in AirPods 2, which enables the hands-free “Hey Siri” feature along with faster pairing between devices.

We don’t know the price yet but we think it will be US$199. Current Powerbeats 3 headphones are US$99, although they had an original retail price of US$199.


Official announcement. They will be US$249.95.

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