Apple Stores Now Sell One Drop Blood Glucose Monitor

Apple stores have now added the One Drop blood glucose monitor to its inventory. Apple has sold it for a while in the online store, but the move to retail stores is new (via CNBC).

One Drop Monitor

One Drop is blood glucose monitor with a great-looking design. It has an iPhone app that integrates into Apple Health, and a separate Apple Watch app. Currently it’s the only diabetes product Apple sells in its retail stores.

one drop kit

It costs US$69.95 and includes a year of free coaching from a certified diabetes instructor. Buying test strips requires a subscription. One Drop’s CEO Jeff Dachis said,

I believe that Appleā€™s perspective on consumerized, data-driven self-care is where the industry is going to be pulled to, versus the expensive, bureaucratic, not-data driven current healthcare system. Our ability to align ourselves with that, and help drive that story, is what we see as the benefit of working with Apple.

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