Coming Soon To Your iPhone: Over 70 New Unicode 10 Emojis

Unicode 10 will be launched in June and it will include a bunch of new, awesome emojis. There are 69 new emojis in total, and some or all of them may eventually make their way into iOS 11. Someone made mockups on Emojipedia in Apple’s style, let’s check them out.

Emoji are the symbols you often see in text messages, like smiley faces, hearts, kisses, and smiling pile of poo. They’re available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, although the just announced additions aren’t there yet.

iOS 11 and Emojis

It’s not likely that Apple will include these emojis with the first release of iOS 11, since Unicode 10 won’t be released until the summer, probably after WWDC. But Apple could design them to its specifications and release them with a iOS 11.1 or 11.2 update later in the year (via CultOfMac).

Unicode 10 Emoji examples that may come to the iPhone and Mac
Emoji examples for Unicode 10

The new emojis include zombies, mermaids, elves, new flags, and even a Tyrannosaurus rex. What do you think, and what emoji are still missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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