Paris to Sue Airbnb for Illegal Adverts

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LONDON – The City of Paris will sue Airbnb for $14 million, its Mayor revealed on Sunday. It alleged that 1,000 illegal rental adverts were placed on its website.

Airbnb split pay logo.

Airbnb Liable for Fines for Illegal Postings

French regulations stipulate that Parisian property owners can offer their homes for short term rental for up to 120 days a year. Any advertisements for such rentals must include a registration number to stop a property being rented out for more than 120 days. A law passed in 2018 made firms such as Airbnb liable for fines of €12,500 per illegal posting.

Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo said the move was designed “to send a shot across the bows to get it over with unauthorized rentals that spoil some Parisian neighborhoods.” France is Airbnb’s second biggest market, behind the U.S. (via Reuters).

Paris Rules ‘Ineffecient’

Airbnb hit back. It said it had implemented rules to help Parisians comply with the law. However, it branded the Paris rules “inefficient, disproportionate and in contravention of European rules.”

“We hope to be able to work with all concerned players toward solutions that are really suited to French cities and their inhabitants,” a company spokeswoman added (via Bloomberg News)

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