People Are Renting Vision Pro by Hour or Day in China

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s shiny $3,499 AR/VR headset continues to gain popularity, as it’s constantly making headlines. Sometimes, it’s about theVision Pro setting the sales chart on fire, while other times, it is about the users complaining that the device is cracking from a specific point

Despite a few hiccups here and there with the device’s UI and durability, the sales numbers suggest that people are willing to buy the device. While you can always try the device first by visiting the Apple Store, both the device and walk-in demo are only available in the US. 

Since the device is currently exclusive to the US market, buyers outside the US are still patiently waiting for the Vision Pro to arrive. Sensing an opportunity, some people are offering Vision Pro rental in China. 

Apparently, one of the rental outlets says it has had over 10,000 customers since the device hit the stores. Pricing for early access to the device is reportedly 1500 yuan ($208) each day, or approximately 98 yuan ($13.60) per hour. In comparison, customers in the US can get a free trial before purchasing the device and return it for a complete refund within 14 days.

One person who is renting out the gadgets says he is fully booked and hopes to recover the entire cost of the device in the first three months. However, the only thing that could stand in the way of this plan is the chance that Apple releases the Vision Pro in China before folks renting the device recover the full cost. 

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, says the Vision Pro will launch for sale in China soon. The rumor mill has it that this will happen in May or April. Nevertheless, people who invested in the device might be able to make a profit by then.


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