Users Complain the $3499 Apple Vision Pro Front Glass is Already Cracking in a Specific Spot

Apple Vision Pro Crack

Thanks to a detailed teardown and a durability test, we learned that Apple’s shiny $3,499 AR/VR headset is fragile. This fragility is making many Vision Pro users visit the Genius Bar. Many users on Reddit are complaining of a clear-cut crack appearing on their Vision Pro cover glass.

In all these cases, owners are saying they didn’t drop it, yet the glass cracked. However, the most interesting thing is all the affected units have a crack at the same spot. While the reason behind the crack is still a mystery, the owners said they left the headset connected to the battery and stored it overnight.

The crack looks to be a sudden shear in the nose bridge, which could be the weakest area of the glass. Taking an educated guess, charging with the soft cover inside the travel case could cause the glass to overheat, which could cause expansion and a crack at the Vision Pro’s weakest spot.

In such a case, making a phone call to Apple Support and requesting an investigation for the device regarding a possible product defect is the recommended course of action.

When contacting Apple Support, those experiencing the problem were instructed to cover the $300 AppleCare deductible for a repair. Repairing a cover glass without AppleCare would cost $800.

While Apple has sold around 200,000 units, only a handful of users are complaining about the issue, suggesting the problem isn’t widespread. However, in all the cases, the glass cracked from the same spot, suggesting a pattern.

Apple hasn’t made a statement regarding the matter and probably won’t until a more significant pattern surfaces online. Only time will tell if the pattern causes more users to complain, after which it’ll be up to Apple to decide how to cater to its customers.

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