Here’s the Cheap way to Play Steam Games on your TV

Steam Link from Valve

Steam is a great resource for computer gamers, but not everyone wants to sit at their desk all day to play—especially when you have a couch and a big screen TV. Valve gets that, so they came up with an inexpensive way to play the games you bought through their Steam service on your television.

Steam Link from Valve
Valve’s Steam Link

You’ll need to make a trip to Amazon’s website and pick up Valve’s Steam Link. It’s a little black box that connects to your home network and television. It suports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, and includes HDMI out plus two USB ports.

Steam Link supports a wide range of USB and wireless game controllers, so odds are you already have one that works. Valve says their little box supports most other games, too.

You’ll need to launch the games on your computer and leave them running because Steam Link acts as a go-between for your television. That means your TV and computer don’t need to be in the same room, which is handy for a lot of home setups.

Steam Link costs US$49.99, but is currently available on Amazon for $31.50.

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