Portrice Warren Shares Her Remote Education Story Using Apple Tools

Portrice Warren is part of Apple’s Community Education Initiative (CEI) and she shares her story of using Apple tools and resources with remote learning.

Portrice Warren

Ms. Warren participated in a virtual coding academy this summer with CEI. It’s meant to to bring coding, creativity, and workforce development opportunities to learners of all ages and to communities that are traditionally underrepresented in technology.

Especially now that we are transitioning to remote learning and students won’t be in the same physical classroom with their friends, challenge-based learning is going to be one of the tools that will take my students’ learning to the next level. I see this method as a motivational tool.

I can use Keynote throughout my curriculum to give students the freedom to take what they know and to use their own giftedness, their own learning style, to recreate knowledge in their own way.

She teaches science and social studies for the fourth grade at Birmingham City Schools, and the full story is a good read.

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