Why Teaching Privacy to Your Kids is Important

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Kids lining up against the wall with smartphones

Siobhan O’Flynn writes about all the ways that companies like Google collect data from kids in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It starts when schools increasingly turn to Google services in education.

Alphabet Inc. dominates child-directed and child-featured content online through YouTube Kids and has now colonized online educational spaces through Google Docs, G-Suite, Chromebooks and the associated Gmail accounts for children that are required for use. This means that Google’s access to children’s data spans entertainment (YouTube and YouTube Kids), search and purchase histories (via associated parental accounts), and educational sectors.

Netflix Preschool Programming Launches

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Netflix logo

A spate of Netflix preschool programming has been announced and geared towards kids aged 2 to 6 with educational content.

Jamf School Launches as an Apple Education Technology Solution

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Jamf is a mobile device management company for Apple devices. Today it announced the launch of Jamf School.

Jamf School is an Apple education technology solution purpose-built for educators. It wasn’t designed for the expert IT user; instead it was designed with an intuitive interface and workflows to empower teachers to seamlessly manage and use their Apple devices for creating an active learning environment. It joins Jamf Pro to offer schools a solution choice that best fits their needs. With the launch of Jamf School also comes powerful apps.

Jamf Partners With Google Cloud for Education

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Jamf is partnering with Google Cloud to make it easier for schools and businesses to authenticate Apple devices.

With Jamf Connect, users can unbox their Apple device, power it on and access their corporate and learning applications after signing on with Cloud Identity (or G Suite) credentials. Additionally, IT admins are more easily able to manage Mac accounts while knowing their hardware and information is secure.

6 Education Apps for Teachers

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Roundups of educational apps usually involve apps for students. But this is a list of five educational apps for teachers.

Apple's MacBook is Dying - Will Soon Be No More

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gold Apple MacBook

The MacBook, introduced in 2015, appeared to leapfrog the venerable MacBook Air. It sported a Retina display and USB-C. Now, it may be a dying breed.

Sphero Intros BOLT Robot for STEAM Education

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Sphero announced its newest robot, Sphero BOLT, on Monday. The sphere-shaped robot is targeted at the education market, but is available to everyone. It packs an array of infrared and ambient light sensors, LEDs, and a digital compass in its clear body. You can program it from a wide range of devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Kindle, Macs, and PCs. Sphero BOLT is priced at US$149.99 and is available at the Sphere website.