Apple Introduces Professional Training to Help Growing IT Workforce

Apple IT Training Programs

Today Apple has introduced new professional training to support the growing IT workforce. This new program includes online courses and certifications for Apple device support, deployment and management to prepare workers for in-demand careers.

According to a press release shared by the company, the demand for skilled support and technical staff within the IT industry is rapidly growing. The Cupertino giant expects that IT is expected to grow faster than all other occupations between 2020 to 2030.

The tech giant argues that as the demand for companies to use tech expands, so too does the demand for employees to use Apple products at work. The result is an increased need in IT professionals skilled in supporting and managing Apple products.

Apple Launches Training Programs

The company stated that to meet this growing demand, the company has launched an updated professional training and certifications for IT support and management. Along with completely redesigned training that has been moved online, it is also an entirely self-paced format. Users are able to demonstrate their competency with two exams that will enable them to earn a certification directly from Apple.

Training starts with two new Apple Professional Training courses: Apple Device Support and Apple Deployment and Management. These two courses are sequential, and help build skills and concepts as the user progresses. With the completion of each course, new certification exams become available. This helps to demonstrate competence that users achieve through each level. These levels correspond with digital badges that Apple gives to users.

Each exam costs $149. Certifications can be displayed on resumes, online profiles and job boards, which can help users stand out during job searches. Apple stated this can also helps employers find qualified candidates.

Apple Device Support and Deployment and Management

The first course Apple offers in the new IT training series is the Apple Device Support course. As users read articles and participate in guided exercises, the course additionally covers the tools, services and best practices used by help desk professionals, technical coordinators or service providers for an organization’s Mac, iPhone and iPad users. After users complete an estimated 14 hours of learning content, they can then take an exam to earn the Apple Certified Support Professional certification.

Apple Support Certification
Once users complete one of the programs, they can receive a badge from Apple showing their work.

Level two of the training in the IT series follows the Apple Deployment and Management course. This course covers how to configure, manage and secure Apple products using mobile device management (MDM). With this course containing around 13 hours of content, users will learn a variety of topics. Topics range from developing a deployment strategy, using Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager and configuring devices with an MDM solution. Successful completion of the course will include an Apple Certified IT Professional certification.

Apple Works with Colleges

Furthermore, Apple is also partnering with community colleges and universities. The partnership will offer on-campus prep courses to help students earn the Apple Certified IT Professional badge. The company is also providing scholarships through its Community Education Initiative (CEI). Apple will help cover the cost of exams for participating students at its CEI partner institutions.

The Cupertino company first began working with Austin Community College in Austin, Texas to offer the Apple deployment course starting in early 2020. This summer, the company is looking to expand to Maricopa Community Colleges in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona.

Additional CEI schools will be announced soon. Furthermore, Ed Farm, an education nonprofit based out of Birmingham, Alabama, will also provide prep courses for Apple’s certification exams. The school is providing the exams this summer through the nonprofit’s ongoing partnership with Apple.

Lastly, Apple has also partnered with the Mac Admins Foundation to ensure further access to the new Apple exams. Applicants that are in financial need may receive a voucher through Apple and the foundation. The Mac Admins Foundation hopes to create a welcoming and accessible organization that can expand the profession while maintaining affordable access to community resources.

Apple Professional Training courses are now available at

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