Apple Announces Third Swift Student Challenge for WWDC22

Swift Student Challenge

Apple has recently opened the door for submissions to the third annual WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge. This is a challenge for students around the globe to present their coding skills to the world.

Using the platform Swift Playgrounds 4 for iPad or Xcode for Mac, students will develop an app project on a topic of their choice. Winners will receive exclusive WWDC22 attire, a customized pin set and a one year membership in the Apple Developer Program.

Entering the WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge

Apple has provided eligibility requirements on its website. To enter, eligible students must be 13 years or older within the U.S., or be the equivalent age in their relevant jurisdiction. Also, applicants need to register as an Apple developer or be a member of the Apple Developer Program. What’s more, students must have completed or be enrolled in an accredited academic institution or homeschool equivalent, a STEM organizations education curriculum, an Apple Developer Academy or have graduated high school or equivalent within the past six months and be awaiting acceptance or have received acceptance to an accredited academic institution.

Finally, to create the app project, applicants must code in Swift Playgrounds 4 or Xcode. The project may not exceed three minutes. Apple is providing templates for students that have ideas for more advanced creations.

Requirements for Entry

The requirements for entry include that all submissions are through Swift Playgrounds 4 or Xcode in a zip folder. Second, outside sources require local inclusion. Submissions go through the judgement period offline. Said Zip file may not exceed 25 MB. Also, creation of all submissions must be by the individual. Templates are acceptable, and no group work will undergo consideration. In addition, third party open-source code and public domain images/sounds are acceptable but must receive credit and an explanation must be provided for their use. Lastly, the Swift Playgrounds project must be built and run on Swift Playgrounds 4.0.2 on iPadOS 15.4 or Xcode 13.3 on macOS 12.3. Furthermore, applications running on iPadOS must be optimized to display properly on all models of iPad Pro. The content must be in English.

What’s more, instructions on how to complete a submission are available on Appleā€™s Swift Student Challenge website. Additionally, Submissions opened Tuesday, April 5, and will close Sunday, April 24 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Submissions receive judgement through a number of criteria. Also, all applicants must follow the requirements required by the contest. Judgement of submissions is based on technical accomplishment, creativity of ideas, and content of written responses.

WWDC22 arrives June 6.

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