Jamf Software on Over 36 Million Student Devices Globally

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According to its latest estimate, Jamf believes its software is now on over 36 million student devices around the world across more than 32,000 schools.

Jamf Software and Device Management

Jamf is one of the largest companies for Apple device management, and its education product Jamf School works for both students and teachers. The company highlights five key functions that its software provides:

  • Added protection for students – Jamf Safe Internet, expected to be generally available this year, will combine threat defense and content filtering features to block unsafe content and malicious attacks so students can learn safely from anywhere.
  • Training for teachers – Jamf showcased its custom-built platform for teachers to learn the basics of classroom management using Jamf and Apple. Jamf Educator allows educators to get hands-on with the Jamf Teacher app and apply it in a simulation environment.
  • Equipping teachers with the right tools – When students can’t be in the classroom, whether it is because of a pandemic, facility issues or severe weather, learning and exam technology that works in class and from a distance can reduce learning disruptions. The Jamf Teacher app works from anywhere to allow educators to continue to teach students, no matter where they are located.
  • Remote proctoring to support distance learning – The Jamf Assessment app provides schools with a simple method for remote proctoring, allowing live remote proctoring on a student’s device. This workflow is embedded in the Jamf Teacher App making remote proctoring of web-based assessment exams easier for students and educators.
  • Ability to focus students on every Apple device – Jamf extended key capabilities of Jamf Teacher to Mac classroom management workflows, allowing teachers to use the key features for students using any Apple device. Extending this feature to Mac ensures that teachers can bring classroom management to all school-issued Apple devices.

Mat Pullen, Apple Distinguished Educator and Senior Lecturer at University of South Wales: “What I love about Jamf is that it gives me the peace of mind that when I plan an exciting and innovative lesson, I know that when I get in the classroom it will just work. I don’t have to worry about the apps not being there or the devices not having an update, or worst of all, are not connected. This peace of mind means I can plan with full confidence. Jamf is the ‘invisible’ but powerful solution that makes all the difference.”

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