President Trump Explains Why he Called Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

U.S. President Donald Trump responded Monday to the fallout over him referring to Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” during a White House meeting. He said he had done so to “save time & words.”

President Trump said he called Mr. Cook “Tim Apple” on Wednesday “long after formally introducing” him. He added he done it “as an easy way to save time & words.” The President also complained that media was “disparagingly all over this” and that it “became yet another bad Trump story!”

As noted following the incident, it was not the first time President Trump had called a CEO by their firm’s name. He had previously referred to Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson as Marillyn Lockheed. Mr. Cook did actually change his Twitter name to Tim Apple, replacing his surname with the Apple logo on his profile Thursday.

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