Apple Confirms March 25 Event: It’s Show Time

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Apple confirms its March 25 event at the Steve Jobs Theater with the tag line: “It’s show time.”

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It’s Show Time

This event will be the first non-iPhone event at Apple Park. We’re expecting a lot of software and services announcements, like an Apple News subscription, Apple’s streaming video platform, as well as updates on iOS 12.2.

Matthew Panzarino’s tweet shows a film reel countdown, which heavily suggests the Apple video service. The event will be at 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern, so mark your calendars.

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I’m just dying with anticipation to see Tim Apple in action again!

Lee Dronick

Well I will hold off on any Apple product purchases. My Costco rewards certificate is burning a hole in my pocket.


Hmmm… It’s Show Time could only mean one thing;
Apple will announce that it’s expanding its entertainment offerings into a new off Broadway musical Jazz-Hands Mac and the spectacular production of iDevices On Ice.
Remember you heard it here first.