Prince Joins Apple Music, Ends Tidal-only Streaming

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The rumors about Prince’s works coming to Apple Music during the Grammys proved to be true. His albums joined Apple’s streaming music service on Sunday, finally letting us party like it’s 1999.

Prince streaming on Apple Music

Apple Music finally gets Prince

The available songs are from the albums Prince released on the Warner Music label. That doesn’t account for all if his work, but it is a substantial part of his collection. Warner released his library to other streaming music services, including Spotify, too.

Previously, Prince was available for streaming only on Tidal. He made that change before his death, and the Prince estate has been working to change that. His estate is negotiating to bring his other works to streaming music services, too.

Prince’s music is still available for purchase through the iTunes Store. Coming to Apple Music is just another way to listen to Prince.

Apple Music offers a three month free trial, and costs US$9.99 a month after that. Student and family discounts are also available.

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  1. archimedes

    I can’t believe that in 2016 we still can’t get lossless music (which Tidal has) on the iTunes store!!

    I want CD quality, but I have no desire or need for the actual discs and my Mac doesn’t even have an optical drive in it! Apple supports Apple Lossless on all of its devices, but maddeningly they only sell (and stream) songs in compressed formats.

    Does Apple not like money? Why can’t they do Tidal-style lossless downloads?

    Then again, maybe it’s just as well – I would be emptying a lot more of my wallet into Apple’s pockets if they did…

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