Ad-Free, Private Search Engine ‘Neeva’ Launches for $4.95 per Month

neeva search engine

Neeva is the new search engine on the block. It launches today and promises private, ad-free search with a subscription of US$4.95 per month. People can try it free for three months at

Neeva a Dull Search Moment

Created by two ex-Googlers Sridhar Ramaswamy (ex-SVP of Ads at Google) and Vivek Raghunathan (ex-VP of Monetization at YouTube), Neeva promises a private search experience free from advertising. It blocks third-party trackers and can be connected to email accounts, calendars, and cloud storage platforms.

The company says it will share 2-% of topline revenue with content creator partners to support the publishing industry to make up for ad revenue. Here are Neeva’s major features:

  • Ads-free: Neeva delivers 100% ads-free, real search results, allowing consumers to find what they want, without ads getting in the way.
  • Browse safely and privately: Neeva’s browser extension, compatible with all major browsers, prevents trackers from following consumers.
  • Customize search results: Consumers can choose the retailers they love and news sources they want to see results from.
  • Get expert recommended shopping results: Neeva allows users to discover the very best products aggregated in one place, and easily read through reviews from reputable sites and verified customers.
  • Search the web — and personal accounts: To make searching even more convenient, consumers can sync personal email, calendar, and documents so they can find everything they need from one search bar.

Neeva provides a browser based extension, compatible with all major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari. It runs across all devices and is available via an iOS app.

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