Broadcast personality and podcasting founder, Adam Curry, has been hard at work for the last year-plus to build an all-in-one, easily-portable studio for podcasters. With features like noise gates, compressors, dual mic inputs, and dual headphone jacks combined with multiple virtual USB audio devices to facilitate playing audio tracks while also providing a “mix-minus” for Skype guests, the Podcaster Pro aims to solve all the common (and some uncommon!) needs that podcasters have both in their main studios as well as on-the-road.

3D rendering of Adam Curry's Podcaster Pro

A mock-up of a finished Podcaster Pro

Adam’s setup and needs match exactly the workflow that I’ve used to record Mac Geek Gab and other podcasts here for the past 12 years, and now finally I have an answer for folks who ask me, “how do I get my podcast to sound like yours?” Or at least I hope I will! We discussed this at the ~21-minute mark during Mac Geek Gab 655 recently if you want even more details.

The Podcaster Pro is being funded through Indiegogo with shipments aiming to start this fall of 2017. I’ve tested all the other podcaster-focused mixers that have come (and gone) over the years, and nothing has ever been proposed with the full complement of features like this before. I rarely promote crowdfunding projects due to their vaporware potential, but Adam and team seem to have put together something so compelling that I feel like success for them and for all of us podcasters can be right around the corner.

Once a reality, the Podcaster Pro would immediately become my travel studio, and I can’t wait to try one and tell you all about it! I put my backing order in today.

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Scott B in DC

rarely promote crowdfunding projects due to their vaporware potential I have backed four projects via Indigogo and have not been disappointed. Three were delivered with no problem and the fourth should be delivered by July. Granted, I am judicious with the projects I decide to help fund, but I think that applying a certain bozo-filter factor helps. I don’t dismiss projects on these crowdfunding sites because of their vaporware potential. Sure, it’s a gamble but most of the time it is not expensive. Besides, how many people put money down on a Tesla that has not even been built? Now… Read more »