Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 15.2 With Voice Plan and App Privacy Report [Updated]

iOS iPad OS 15.2 update

Apple released iOS and iPadOS 15.2 on Monday. The updated operating systems include an array of new features and fixes.

iOS and iPadOS 15.2 Out Now

Amongst the new features in iPadOS and iOS 15.2 are the Apple Music Voice Plan, App Privacy Report, and the Digital Legacy program. To install it, go to Settings > Software Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

The Apple Music Voice Plan costs US$4.99 per month. It is available across all Siri-enabled devices and offers access to all 90 million songs in the Apple Music library, playlists, personalized mixes and genres stations, as well as Apple Music Radio. Siri can also be used for full playback controls. A free three-month trial is also available.

App Privacy Report helps users find out when apps access data including camera, location, and microphone.

In iOS 15.2, each user can assign five people as Legacy Contacts. These people are able to access the user’s iCloud data and personal information when they die, without needing to know their password.

[Updated with descriptions of key new features.]

One thought on “Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 15.2 With Voice Plan and App Privacy Report [Updated]

  • I am not installing this update. There is no clear reporting on this but this seems to have some of the apple device scanning software in it. This is not the full blown CSAM, but the way apple seems to have implemented this feature, it is troubling. Basically, it seems if you use Family Sharing, you cannot opt out of this feature.

    It would be OK if it required parents to check a checkbox for their minor kids, that they want this ‘nude image’ protection. However, if this feature is turned on by default on anyone that uses family sharing, and has kid accounts, and it’s turned on without explicit opt-in from the parent, this is super wrong.

    We need some clarifying reporting on how this works. Until then, this is the first time ever I will not be updating.

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