Apple has added SIM-FREE and Unlocked iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models to its Certified Refurbished online store. iPhone 7 refurb models start at $449—9% off the original retail price—while iPhone 7 Plus refurb models start at $599—10% off the original price.

For instance, as of this writing, Apple has an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black refurb for $689, as shown below.

iPhone 7 Refurb

iPhone 7 Refurb Models on Apple Store Now

Apple’s Certified Refurbished program is top notch, in my opinion, and I’ve purchased several Apple refurbs over the years. Apple’s refurb inventory tends to be dynamic, as devices are listed only while Apple has specific inventory on hand, and they tend to go quick once we link to them.

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