Black AirPods Exist Thanks To BlackPods

Matte Black AirPods

A company called BlackPods is offering custom painted AirPods, but as the name suggests they only offer them in black. Matte black, to be specific. You can buy a pair directly from the company, or send in your own pair and pay to have them coated using a custom process.

Stay Classy With Black AirPods

Hand-painted by New York artisans, BlackPods will coat your AirPods in a custom finish for $99. If you want to buy a pair directly from BlackPods, it will set you back $249. Since regular AirPods cost $159, you’ll save $10 if you buy a pair directly.

The company said the coating is scratch-resistant. I think they’d look great if you have a Black or Jet Black iPhone. But since black goes with everything, these black AirPods will look good no matter which phone model you have.


The website says that the BlackPods are available for pre-order, but no delivery date has been announced.

Other Options?

I hope Apple offers more color options for AirPods in the future. To be fair, it doesn’t usually do so for accessories other than Beats headphones. But BlackPods definitely makes me think about AirPods in White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Jet Black.

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