CES – Airthings Complements Air Quality Lineup with Wave Mini

LAS VEGAS – Airthings, makers of  environmental sensors, added to its Wave line of air quality sensors with the introduction of the Wave Mini at the CES Unveiled 2019 event. CEO Øyvind Birkenes demonstrated how this product complements their lineup.

Airthings Dashboard

The Airthings Dashboard is the platform that allows one to view, analyze and export the data from their Wave or other Airthings sensor,  The data from the current Wave sensors consists of the Wave Plus, which offers Radon, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), CO2, Temperature and Humidity, and is priced at US$269.  The Wave measures Radon, Temperature and Humidity and is priced at US$199.

Airthings Wave Mini

The Wave Mini, in comparison, can measure TVOCs, Temperature and Humidity, and will be priced at US$79, and be available for pre-order in January 2019.

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